mercredi, octobre 10, 2007

Le subjonctif!

GASP! I was shocked to discover that there exists a subjunctive mood in the English language (among many other languages)! And all these days I thought the subjonctif was unique to French! (Eeps!)

I came across an article that explicitly mentioned that I probably have heard of a Subjunctive Mood in another language, if I took a foreign language in high school. (I found this rather scary since the author seemed to know too much about me).

In any case, this brings us back to the fact that all languages have to find a way to perform the same functions, in this case to expresses wishes, commands, emotion, possibility, judgement, necessity, and statements that are contrary to fact at present. (See wiki links above).

I am trying to think about the subjonctif form in Kannada (Le Subramanya Mood, peut-être?) and Telugu (La Subbamma?). I shall go and ruminate.