lundi, novembre 29, 2004


I just finished a wonderful dinner of des galettes de riz à la vapeur. You guys like 'em? They're really nice with chutney ;-)

The verb "se manquer"

I remember the class in 1b when we studied the use of the word "se manquer" . It was a while back, in dec 2002. Madame Veda was our professeur. At the end of the that rather animated class in which we had a mélange of French, Kannada and Tamil, i was left wondering if i had payed 2 grand to study languages i had been speaking all my life..kannanda and tamil. :-)

How can "tu me manques" mean "i miss you"? Should it not be the other way round? Everyone in class looked totally confused. Mme Veda tried to explain to us that it was a Latin construction and that it was very common in south indian languages. She told us that french is supposed to have evolved from Latin but changed a lot in structure, but a few things have remained.

So anyway if anyone can think of more verbs that follow this rule.. write in.... I can think of one more -> "se plaire".

dimanche, novembre 28, 2004

hivernal et estival...

In today's class we learnt two interesting words.
hivernal (from hiver = winter) and
estival (from été = summer)

Suddenly, the connection occured to me (and trust me, I was SO excited!).

You've heard of hibernation. A few years ago, I was most delighted when I came across the word estivation. Estivation is a state of dormancy similar to hibernation. Animals that estivate spend a summer inactive and insulated against heat, to prevent the harmful effects of the season.

hivernal and hibernation, estival and estivation.

France and Parlance...

When you're learning French, you make some very interesting observations. I was discussing some of these with Vinay, and I thought it would be nice for us to share these observations online. And so, the idea of "francesay" was born. But wait, we're not pundits or anything ;) - we're just students of this beautiful language. This is a place where we shall share our appreciation of its wonderful nuances.

Bienvenue à tous!!

Salut!! C'est la blog que Vaish et moi , nous avons crée. Le français nous plaise beaucoup. L'argot de français, c'est bon aussi.

Il y a des mots en anglais et des autres langues qui viennent de français. Par example, le mot "argot" qu'on utilise en anglais - c'est un mot français. :-)

Nous deux, on a decidé d'y ecrire souvent, et on est heureux qu'on apprenne la langue ensemble.

nous espersons que tout le monde va ecrire ici. :-)
à Votre santé. Au revoir. :-)